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How are you planning to use your mailing pieces? Are you mailing
them out? Are you using them as handouts and giving them to clients directly?
If you intend to mail them out in bulk, you might be surprised to find that you
can save both time and money when we mail them for you!

Here's how it works: For example, to mail a 4.25 x 6 postcard, you have to
put a 24-cent stamp on it, plus do the addressing for each card. Even if you printed out labels instead of handwriting all the addresses, you or someone
in your office is going to be sitting there sticking stamps and labels on thousands of postcards. If you've ever done this before, you know it is a long and arduous 2-6 hour process.

Our mailing service does all this work for you. It includes taking your electronic list, processing it to remove any duplicate names or addresses,
run through a move update service, print names and addresses on each postcard and then delivering them to the post office for you. Saves you lots
of time, right? 

Here's where it gets really good:
As part of this service, we can print a barcode on your postcard that helps the post office to deliver it faster and this qualifies you for lower postage rates. Depending on the amount of your mailing, you pay us between 4 and 10 cents per postcard for the service, but you save about the same or even more in postage.

Bottom line? Whether you mail First Class or standard, postcards, self
mailers or envelopes, we can save you time and money. Cameron
Marketing Group provides a turnkey operation – from mailing list acquisition
to printing and mailing.

We can even keep your mailings here in our warehouse and distribute them
on a schedule for you. It's very easy and very affordable. Contact us to begin your project at 630-231-3301.


Cameron Marketing Group Provides:


full color printing full color printing
list acquisiton
list acquisition
ink jet addressing with barcodes
duplicate identification and elimination

USPS move update service
labeling by hand or machine
wafer sealing
ZIP+4 processing
NCOA processing
inserting & sealing by hand or machine
sorting for postal discounts
preparation of postal paperwork
delivery to Post Office